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Managed Long-Term Care Services (MLTC)

MLTC Services

Home Clean Home provides a variety of services in order to assist recipients of Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) maintain their ability to lead healthy, comfortable, and independent lives at home.  We provide home modification services with flexible solutions so that we can address the unique needs of each client that we assist.  Our home modification services include everything necessary to help MLTC recipients remain safe in their own homes. 

Durable Medical Equipment Installation Services:


We offer a wide range of durable medical equipment installation services to make it easier for MLTC clients to stay mobile and easily access the things that they need at home. Home Sweet Home offers simple and convenient options for each of our durable medical equipment installation services. We provide all of the equipment, hardware, and expertise necessary to develop customized plans for all of our home modification services.

Wheelchair ramps Installation: Wheelchair ramps installation allows for a much gentler way to access a home for those with limited mobility. Our experts develop a personalized design for all wheelchair ramps installation services, to ensure that the home ramps are installed safely and properly. When developing a plan for the home ramps that we provide, we always take into account the various obstacles in front of a home, such as stairs, the curb, a lawn, etc, and we always make sure our wheelchair ramps installation is performed in accordance to the codes set forth by the local housing authority.


Chair lift installation: We offer chair lift installation for both the inside and outside of a home. When ramps are not an option, stair chair lifts make it easy to navigate up and down a flight of stairs. Our stair chair lifts installation professionals even have experience working with stair lifts and medicare, which means we can help you deal with your insurance company should the need arise.


Grab Bars Installation: Sitting, standing, and lifting yourself in and out of the shower or tub when you have limited mobility can be difficult, but our grab bars installation gives our clients a way to support their weight as they carry out these movements. Our grab bars installation is available for any room in the house where a little extra assistance getting up and down is needed.


Safety Rails Installation: Falling out of bed at night will never be a problem again after having a safety rails installation performed on the home. Bed rails provide a safe barrier for clients who have trouble rolling out of bed, and keeps them safe while they’re sleeping while providing a helpful way for them to support their weight while they climb in and out of bed. 

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