Passover Cleaning Services

Leave the stress of Passover cleaning to us! We are a professional shomer shabbat Passover cleaning company located in Brooklyn, NYC. We have over two decades of experience and have trained professionals that specialize in Pesach cleaning. 

Nicole Levine, The Founder of Home Sweet Home, is a native of Israel and therefore knows the laws and halachot of cleaning for passover.

Passover Cleaning Requirements

Passover cleaning and Spring cleaning are not the same thing, Passover cleaning requirements have nothing to do with sprucing up the house and making it shiny for the spring season, although if you can manage this during your Pasech preparations that’s definitely a plus! Cleaning for Passover requires most importantly that all Chametz is removed from the house, or locked away and out of reach during the holiday. For this reason, tidying up and scrubbing is not enough. Here is a list of things that will help you meet Passover cleaning requirements and ensure that your house is Kosher for Pasech.


1. Remove cushions from living and dining room furniture. Cleaning for Passover requires that not even a crumb is left behind, so make sure to check inside the couch, and vacuum around corners of chairs and underneath the cushions. Quite often crumbs can fall between the cracks in the cushions, and if these areas are going to be used during Pasech, you can be sure to come into contact with any leaven that was left behind.


2. Inspect the nooks and crannies of the floor. Chametz could be hiding in any corner, be sure to thoroughly vacuum the spaces in between the floor and the walls. If you have hardwood floors, Chametz can exist in the spaces between the planks of wood, and carpets are an even better hiding place for Chametz. No matter what surface your floor, a detailed vacuuming is always in order.


3. Move all the furniture. A good, deep clean is vital to meet Passover cleaning requirements. The last thing you want is to find out there were crumbs hiding under the couch or behind the oven during Pasech. Flip the mattresses and vacuum the whole area, lift anything standing on the floor and check underneath. This might include a couch, a china cabinet, or a potted plant. While you’re busy koshering the kitchen, make sure you move the oven away from the wall so you can clean it inside and out.

5. Get a HEPA Filter for your Vacuum.  Regular household vacuums tend to release small particles back into the air. An industrial vacuum with a HEPA filter will guarantee everything sucked up stays inside, so there’s no need to be anxious over even the most miniscule amount of Chametz.


The cleaning crew at Home Clean Home is fully instructed in all the Passover cleaning requirements, and will look out for these details and more while servicing your home. To hire our team to aid you in your Pasech cleaning, call 718 517 2227.

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